[Daily recipes for home-made soup]_How to make _ How to make

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[Daily recipes for home-made soup]_How to make _ How to make

Soup is a kind of home-made food in the north. The soup is popular because of its simple and convenient method of preparation and rich nutrition. The soup can include meat soup and vegetarian soup. There are many ingredients for making soup. Eggs and tomatoes., Carrots, meat, etc., this kind of food is more suitable for eating in the winter, can warm the stomach and warm up, it is very good for the weak people to eat vegetarian soup, which can nourish the body and relieve stress.

Broth soup can enhance appetite and is suitable for consumption after drinking. Here are some common practices of broth soup.

Method 1[Preparation of ingredients]: flour, eggs, tomatoes, vinegar, salt, shallots, sesame oil, ginger slices.

[Production steps]: 1.

Add an appropriate amount of water and heat up the pan.


Cut tomatoes and ginger into a pan and boil.


Eggs are scattered for spare, 4.

Add an appropriate amount of flour in a bowl or small basin, add the appropriate amount of the beaten egg mixture to the flour, and use chopsticks or hands to mix the noodles into wheat-like wheaten noodles, then cook in the pot, add an appropriate amount of vinegar, and salt, Scallion, sesame oil are ready to eat.

Method two[Preparation of ingredients]: 200g of flour, 1/2 root of onion (about 200g), 50g of eggs, green vegetable juice, 1 teaspoon of salt (5g), 1 teaspoon of chicken essence (5g), 1/2 teaspoon of white pepper powder (3g).
[Production steps]: 1.

Wash and cut the white radish into thin filaments, fry them in oil in the pot, add water and salt.


While waiting for the water to boil, prepare noodles.

Put the flour in a bowl, add a little cold water, and stir with chopsticks to make the flour into small noodles. This is very important. The noodles should be small and taste good. You can tear the larger noodles into small pieces.


When the water is boiling, add the noodle soup to the pot, and stir the soup with a spoon to prevent the bottom.


Add seaweed and greens.

When you are ready to cook, add salt, chicken essence and some white pepper to enhance the taste.

[Precautions]: 1.

Be sure not to add the powdered flour to the pan, and it will become boiled.


The tomato egg soup is also delicious, and various foods are more suitable for morning and evening.


When eating wonton soup, if the sardines in tomato sauce are used for side dishes, the stomach will be very happy.

Method Three[Preparation of ingredients]: flour, shredded pork, shiitake mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes, shallots, salt, chicken essence[Procedure]: After heating in a pot, add vanilla oil to heat, place the shredded pork in the pot, Then add shiitake shiitake and stir-fry until fragrant (if it is vegetarian soup, fry shiitake shreds and stir-fry the cut tomatoes); 2 add two bowls of water (or rib soup, fish soup, bone soup) and burnTurn on; 3 1/2 bowls of flour are mixed with cold water to form a thin noodle soup for future use; 4 After the water is boiled, pour the noodle soup into a pot and boil, add eggs and vegetables, and boil again, add green onions and salt to taste,Ready to eat.

[2]Method 4[Preparation of ingredients]: flour, shallots, radishes, salt, oil[Steps]: Wonton soup 1.

Place the flour in a container, dip some water in your hands, sprinkle on the flour, and mix well, 2.

Sprinkle with water and sprinkle on the dry flour, and so on until the whole flour is mixed into small flour, 3.

Chopped green onions for future use; a small cut of radish butt, shredded, 4.

Put oil in the pan, scallion and sauté the radish, and add the shredded radish for 2 minutes, 5.

Pour hot water until the water is boiling, pour the noodles in, and stir with chopsticks, otherwise it will stick easily, 6.

Open the pot again and cook for a few minutes, add salt and season, then it will come out of the pot.

When it comes to soup soup, people who were born in the north before the 1960s and 1970s may have been most impressed.

At that time, in order to save trouble and economy, many people often drank this soup, which is both soup and staple food.

Now the soup has entered the halls of Daya-many large restaurants have it, and it is very popular with customers.The soup we eat now has more ingredients than the original soup, such as eggs, shiitake mushrooms, meat (chicken, shrimp, squid, shellfish), rape, tomatoes, etc., which are richer in nutrition and more delicious.

The nutritional value of soup soup is that flour contains a large number of vitamin B groups. In an acidic environment, vitamin B groups are relatively stable, but when alkali is added to make pasta, this stability will be destroyed.

When cooking noodles, a large amount of nutrients will be lost to the noodle soup, and when cooking dumplings, some nutrients will be lost.

The wonton soup can keep a variety of nutrients in the flour in the soup, which can avoid the loss of nutrition in the pasta.

The so-called “original soup of raw food” also fully illustrates this point.