[Can I drink Siwu Tang for a cold]_Wind_Can you drink it?

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[Can I drink Siwu Tang for a cold]_Wind_Can you drink it?

In life, many women often drink Siwu Tang, because Siwu Tang is very good for regulating women’s menstruation. There are four Chinese medicines in Siwu Tang, namely Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong, Shaoyao, and Shudi. These fourThe traditional Chinese medicines are warm tonic, so some women drink them every day, which is not very good for the body, because it is poisonous, so can you drink Siwu Tang if you have a cold?

Siwu Tang is a necessary medicine supplement for female friends, but most people only take a one-sided understanding of medicated diet; from premenstrual period, after menstrual period, once a week to every day, but how to eat itWhat about the effective way?

Listen to the advice of a professional Chinese physician now, and thoroughly understand Siwu Tang. Correct Siwu Tang 4. Taboo Siwu Tang that can promote blood circulation and eliminate blood clots, can help women regulate menstrual pain and nourish blood and sparse muscles to maintain normal menstruationjobs.

Dr. Huang Zhongkun said that Siwu should be taken continuously for about 6 days after the menstrual period is cleaned to reduce the abdominal distension and abdominal pain in each menstrual period, reduce anemia, dizziness, and impaired menstrual blood; if you develop the habit of taking it from a young age,It is also beneficial for qi and blood flow, it is not easy to cold hands and feet, keeps the face rosy and smooth, and looks younger.

Dr. Huang Zhongyi said that the best time to eat Siwutang is after the physiological period, and it is generally not suitable to supplement or take any medicine during menstruation.

Siwu soup can be stewed with chicken, pork belly or eel on weekdays. It is a very beneficial supplement for young girls and women in development, and it is also suitable for the whole family!

Remind consumers to have the mentality of “the most important thing is to prescribe the right medicine, don’t just make random supplements”, especially Siwu Tang sold in the market should look at the ingredients before using it.

It is worth reminding that it is best to consult a physician before eating Siwu Tang. People with the following conditions should not take it easily: 1 It is a thermal physique. The physical characteristics are: the spirit is easily excited and nervous, the mouth is broken, there is more sleep, and the mouth is often dry.Dry, addicted to cold drinks, flushed face, congested eyes, prone to inflammation of the body, frequent constipation, low urine output and yellowish color, women’s physiological cycles are often early, etc., all belong to the thermal physique, not suitable to drink the Sibu soup warm.

2 Physiological abnormalities The so-called signs of blood heat in traditional Chinese medicine are that the physiological period is advanced, and the color of menstrual blood is red. It is generally not suitable to place Siwutang; if there is abdominal pain or multiple blood clots during menstruation, pay attention to endometriosis or otherFor gynecological diseases, you should first find the problem before you eat food.

3 “Shudihuang” in Siwu Decoction, which has poor gastrointestinal function, is sticky and difficult to absorb, and “Scutellaria acid” cold hurts the stomach, together with “Angelica” slippery bowel, which can easily cause diarrhea or accelerate gastrointestinal indigestion.

Usually, if you have a bad appetite, easy diarrhea, easy to bloat and other gastrointestinal indigestion, you should first adjust or treat the gastrointestinal problems before you can completely absorb and use the Siwutang for blood and blood circulation.

4Inflammation of the body is the symptoms of congestion of the eyes and unhealed cold, which means that somewhere in the body is inflamed. At this time, it is not suitable to place Siwutang to avoid accelerating blood circulation and causing inflammation and swelling to occur more easily.